Welcome funeral directors to LifeHonor!
We are your internet video production partner!

You can re-enforce WHY families choose YOUR funeral home!

LifeHonor offers families – through your funeral home:

  • A highly personalized video production of the funeral-memorial service that is recorded by the funeral home professional.
  • A highly embellished finished video of memorial service that is tastefully branded by YOUR funeral home multiple times
  • Personalized Internet-web site broadcasting of the funeral-memorial service on demand.

Please take a moment and view the video below which will give you a two minute overview of our internet video production services that will comfort your Client Families.  This is the exact video YOU can use with your client families.

If your family has express an interest in knowing more about the “internet production” – you can then show them a five minute “Family Planning Video” which will guide you and the client family in setting up the LifeHonor video services. 

The next page previews for you the “Family Planning Video” and answers the question “Why Choose LifeHonor?”

Key Words: Caring, Sensitive, Understanding, Trusted, Attention to Detail, Supportive, Loving, Celebration of Life, Comforting.