Welcome Directors to your LifeHonor pages for presentation, instructions, paper forms for download/signature and online forms.  Everything you need for success is located within this section with a customized menu system below.  Thank you!

Listed below are the themes that are available for your personalized video production.

010-Angels -Heaven -Light
020-Angels -Trumpet -Heaven
030-Autumn -Leaves -SloMo -Tree
040-Autumn -Leaves -SloMo -Ground
050-Beach -Waves
080-Candles -3 -orange
100-Candles -Tea-lights
140-Clouds -Light -Puffy

160-Cross -3 -sunset
170-Eagle -trees
172-Eagle -slowmo
“Flowers” Themes
060-Blossoms -Pink
180-Flowers -Rose -Petals
186-Flowers -Rose -PinkRotate
188-Flowers -Roses -White
190-Flowers -Roses -red
198-Foot -Bridge -Autumn

250-Heaven -LightRays
252-Heaven -Stairway
300-Mountains -panning
400-Ocean -Waves
“Patriotic” Themes
450-Patriotic -Flag -Slowmo
452-Patriotic -Flag -Waving
456-Patriotic -Flag -Closeup

585-Stained -Glass
600-Sunburst -red
“Sunset” Themes
625-Sunset -WildFlowers
630-Sunset -Water1 -GalileeSea
634-Sunset -water -trees- GalileeSea
638-Sunset -Vegetation
800-Waterfall -1- scenic
802-Waterfall -2- slow-mo
804-Waterfall -3 -mist

Sample images of each theme video are shown below.